8 Habits That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

Published on 03/27/2022

Coming home after a long day at work is such a relief. Now begins the time when we can rest or complete pending tasks. There are things we do when we get home that can help make the day better or worse. We show you good habits and give you tips on what to do and what not to do when you get home.

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8 Habits That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

Take Off Shoes

This seems obvious, but is it really? It is a question of hygiene and health that should not be neglected. Have you ever thought about all the bacteria and microorganisms that accumulate under our shoes throughout the day? If you take off your shoes when entering your apartment or house, it stays clean longer and doesn’t get dirty as quickly.

Indirect Lighting

When you get home and it’s (already) dark, you’ll find that your eyes need a rest. It’s best to use dimmed lights and indirect lighting instead of harsh white overhead lights. It’s not about living in the shadows, it’s about giving our eyes some rest and relaxation.


The style of music doesn’t matter, everyone has their own preferences. Music is a good way to relax or add more joy and life to the house. Are you missing out on this opportunity to balance your energies?

Turn Your Phone Off

We know it’s difficult, but give yourself the luxury of an hour a day without your cell phone when you get home. Your eyes will thank you that you don’t have to look at a screen during this time. According to experts, the time we spend on the internet is directly proportional to the time we waste doing other things instead of doing something useful.

Bad Habit: Taking Work Home With You

This is an important point. It’s not a good idea to come home and empty your pockets indiscriminately: wallet, keys, credit cards, loose change, or notes. Try not to scatter everything around the house. This way you avoid having to look for everything in different places the next day. A piece of furniture or a decorative bowl for storing all of these things can be a good solution.

Bad Habit: Turning The TV On

No, of course television is not an invention of the devil. But maybe turning it on as soon as you get home isn’t the best habit. There are other ways to relax: music, meditation or even cooking. It’s good to give the brain time to think and rest so that it doesn’t constantly receive information.

Bad Habit: Leave Shopping Bags Around Your Apartment

If you go to the supermarket on your way home, remember to put each product in its place as soon as you get home. That can take some effort; however, you will be happier later if you don’t have to do this anymore. It will help you especially when you need to prepare dinner.

Bad Habit: Drop The Jacket Randomly Anywhere

Why put the jacket or coat on a chair when you can hang it directly on the coat rack or in the closet? When you get home, your number one goal is to relax. However, when our vision is cluttered or cluttered, this is difficult.