The Ultimate Game Lodges And Safari’s

Published on 10/27/2020

Immersing oneself in nature, in game and in the bush is an unbelievable and unique experience each and every time. Being able to witness animals in their natural habitat, such as the Big Five, seeing them socialize as well as hunt is something special. These safari parks and resorts are not just like any other hotel or resort but have the perfect balance between a rough nature feel yet are totally luxurious. If you are going to go on a game drive these are the perfect places to do so, with quality food, impeccable service, and a setting that promises an experience unlike before you will never want to leave.

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The Ultimate Game Lodges And Safari’s

Singita- South Africa

Singita’s resorts are all over Africa it is one of the top-rated stays and lodges if you are looking to experience wildlife at its best. The name itself means “place of miracles.” This lodge boasts not only unbelievable wildlife such as the Big Five but suites that immerse you right in nature. Your room may include an open view of the bush, an outdoor shower, a plunge pool and so much more. Rooms are spacious and equipped with all the amenities one could need and more. The superb locally sourced food and cuisine is another added sensation. The resort offers game walks, game drives as well as sundowners right in the bush.

Birds Of Paradise- Kenya

This is a private conservation that is rather close to the border of Tanzania. Located on Lake Natron, which is one of the very few places that breed flamingos. The private lodge only has six bedrooms, 2 private guesthouses and showcases insane views of the volcanic hills and valleys. It is a haven for bird sightings and is invested in providing for the local community as well as conserving nature. This is a very exclusive and private experience but is breathtaking with that being said. With a very rustic feel, it is definitely not short on luxury either.

Tswalu Kalahari-South Africa

Inspired and designed after a traditional Tswana village this resort is exclusive and original. Only 30 guests can visit the property at a time, with the resort prioritizing conservation and restoration. The resort is set with huge tents, that have private fireplaces and large decks, truly immersing you in nature but with a luxurious feel. Most of these will then get their own personal ranger that is available for all your sightings and needs.

Four Seasons, Serengeti National Park- Tanzania

Four Seasons resorts are knowing for being at the top of their field and there is no exception with their Tanzanian resort. With 77 rooms, 12 suites that are equipped with plunge pools, and an additional five villas the choice is endless. They have a live stream of a local watering hole on the television so you can constantly see what is happening and be immersed in nature. With the possibility of seeing animals poolside, this is a magnificent stay. Personalized safaris and wildlife sightings are arranged at your request.