The Luxury Locations You Can Only Aspire To Visit

Published on 09/15/2021

Sure, you may probably have read an article at some point about amazing places that you didn’t know you can afford, or places that you are being advised to just travel to. Have you ever really given much thought to the places you quite frankly won’t be able to visit without paying an arm and a leg? Some places in this world have been designed to only be afforded by the super wealthy, celebrities and people with more money than sense. This isn’t to say that these places are not beautiful, because they are. Magnificent architectural designs, alongside stunning sights; many of the places of this list are magnificent. Maybe one day you’ll be able to visit too, if you’re lucky. Continue reading to see which places you can only aspire, and potentially save up your pennies (for a long while) to go and visit!

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The Luxury Locations You Can Only Aspire To Visit

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Officially an administrative area of the Principality of Monaco, this is the location of the famous Monte Carlo Casino. You can actually get to Monaco fairly easily, and cheaply, from the neighboring French city, Nice. A bus ride can take less than an hour direct to Monte Carlo, and doesn’t cost much more than a solitary Euro. Sounds good so far? Once you get to Monaco however, is when the price rises. According to a 2020 Savills report, Monaco was announced as the most expensive luxury residential market in the world, despite a small annual decline the previous year. A square meter in Monaco equates to approximately €48,150, which if you can work out how many square meters the average apartment has… And taking location and other factors into account… wow. Known as a tax haven, a third of Monaco’s residents are millionaires, with a few billionaires also residing there. The luxury hotel (Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo) associated with the casino can set you back more than $1000 a night. If you were to visit, make sure you stay somewhere a little cheaper (or in Nice!).

The Fiji Islands

The island is home to 332 islands of incredible white sands, palm trees, an incredible tropical breeze and crystal blue waters. When you think of luxury vacation, it’s very possible that Fiji is one of the places that comes to mind. Some islands however, are so expensive that even if you could afford to go, why would you? For example, if you were to visit the Fijian island of Laucala, you will receive a lovely welcome from natives in a ceremony called sevusevu (gift giving ceremony). Though this may sound nice, the drink you receive and the greeting is accompanied by a landing fee of around $15,000 dollars. Yikes, and that is just the landing fee. I can’t imagine a luxury hotel would be much cheaper…

Bora Bora

Bora Bora, so good they named it twice. The island is tropically stunning, similarly to Fiji. Despite it’s beauty however, it is also one of those luxury islands that basically only the super wealthy, and celebrities visit. Located in French Polynesia, a hotel here can set you back over $1000 a night. The island is home to an intact underwater world. You are able to explore the reef of thousands of colorful coral fish. Having stunning beaches, luxury hotels and top restaurants; the island has been visited by celebrities such as Vince Vaughn, Jane Fonda and Diana Ross.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A place literally coming from nothing, it wasn’t a super long time ago that Dubai was merely a desert. Nowadays, Dubai is a place situated with numerous malls, nice beaches and luxury hotels and restaurants. The city is home to the second most five-star hotels in the world, losing out only to London, England. Located in the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai aims to become the business hub of Western Asia. The city has generated much of it’s wealth from oil revenue; something that certainly sped up the development process of the city. Some hotels in the city even have underwater views, from a glass window in a personal hotel room. Hotels can easily cost over $1000 a night here, and a yacht is only a modest $1400 per hour. Dubai is actually becoming more and more popular, and if you budgeted properly, you could possibly afford a holiday here. A city known as a celebrity holiday hotspot however, if you were looking to live the luxury life here, it would certainly set you back.