The Most Mouth Watering, Decadent And Costly Desserts Across The Globe

Published on 09/23/2020

Wining and dining no matter where, why or under what kind of circumstances is an experience. The type of experience differs depending on what kind of place you are dining at. Whether it be a five-star experience or a food market in Asia these experiences add to the enjoyment of your meal. We are here to talk about the final moments of your meal, dessert, the final course that varies in sweet, sour, and has been developed to entice each sensory aspect in some of the best restaurants across the globe. Not necessarily the best but these are the most expensive desserts from around the world.

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The Most Mouth Watering, Decadent And Costly Desserts Across The Globe

Krispy Kreme’s Luxe Doughnut

Valued at $1,682 the donut originates in the United Kingdom. The donut comes with Dom Perignon 2002 champagne jelly, white chocolate floral accents that have been dusted with gold, edible diamonds, 24-carat gold and it is accompanied with a cocktail. I think we can all understand why the price tag hits the way it does.

Golden Opulence Sundae

Only 50 people a year request the Guinness World Record dessert, it needs to be ordered 2 days prior in order for all preparation and sourcing to be done. For $1,000 you receive Tahitian vanilla ice cream which is smothered in 23-carat gold leaf, topped with Amedei Porcelana chocolate, and then with Venezuelan Chuo chocolate bits, almonds that have been dipped in gold, candied fruit flown in from Paris, lastly “sweet Grand Passion Caviar infused with passion fruit, orange and Armagnac.” Serendipity 3 in New York is the home of this madness.

Strawberrie Arnaud

This dessert costs $1.4 million, yes MILLION. How? The bowl of strawberries is accompanied by a 4.7-carat diamond ring, pink diamond ring nonetheless. This pricing seems a tad bit crazy for a bowl of strawberries and a ring, they better be the best strawerries anyone has ever eaten! The dessert is found in New Orleans at Arnaud’s restaurant in the French quarter.

Decadence D’Or Cupcake

Sweet Surrender in Las Vegas is the creator of this $750 cupcake. The cupcake is made from chocolate that comes from the rare Porcelana Criollo bean, this specific bean is only found in Venezuela at the Valrhona plantation. The chocolate is known as Palmira Single Estate Chocolate. Accompanied with edible gold flakes, Tahitian Gold Vanilla flavored caviar, and the last ingredient is Cognac which is 100-years old. Tehe cupcake is then set in a case of blown sugar.

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

Bloomsbury’s cucpakes in Dubai has created the ultimate cupcake costing a whopping $1,000. This monster of a cupcake is covered in 23-carat gold, baked with Amedei Porcelana chocolate, Ugandan vanilla beans and comes topped with a delicious chocolate icing and more gold dust. On the side it is served with a few chocolate covered strawberries and a spoon made of gold. If you are going to spend 1k on a cucpake this would be the place to do it, just savour every bite.