What Are The Places Less Visited In The World?

Published on 09/01/2020

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond our knowledge of tourism? As shown by statistics, most of the world population chose the typical places to visit or go on holiday.  There are beautiful places yet undiscovered by tourists, places that have very nice locals, a very special culture, and insane landscapes. Why then don’t people know about their existence? Well, some of these places are so well hidden that they can not be reached directly by any form of transportation. To get to some of these places it can take easily three days. If you are an adventurer that loves exploring new cities/places then this is for you! Keep reading to know what’s going to be your next destination and how to get there.


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What Are The Places Less Visited In The World?



Crazy that this complex of tiny islands across the South Pacific, Tuvalu is one of the most isolated countries in the world. Out of the many islands it thas, only one (Funafuti) has an airport. There, one can only move via sea, by using a boat or a ferry… Given their beauty, it’s hard to imagine that these islands are untouristed.  The waves that surround Tuvalu’s stilt houses have been a long time threat there because rising sea levels could cover the low-lying country.


The Kiribati islands are divided into three groups: the Gilbert, Phoenix, and the Islands. They are located above the central Pacific waters, around 1934 miles away from Fiji. The few people that reach these islands will be very welcomed and treated as special guests by the locals. A curious fact about this island is that its inhabitants celebrate new years earlier than any other place in the world.

Marshall Islands

Did you know that bikinis were named as such for the USA’s nuclear testing on the Marshall Islands Bikini Atoll? After the event, the island is still radioactive. However, the waters that surround Bikini Atoll have become one of the world’s most breathtaking places for scuba diving.  One can still see the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga that was present at the Battle of Ima Jima right before the US used the ship to practice nuclear targeting.


For those who know it, this name evokes fear. During the 90s, most of the island was covered by volcanic eruptions leaving only layers of ash and volcanic stone. Nowadays, people can arrive to this island located in the Caribbean by plane or by ferry to witness the power of this volcano.


We have all dreamed sometimes to go to the French Polynesian islands. Niue however, is different because its bumpy structure is engraved in sharp coral. If you are lucky enough to visit this place between July and October, you will able to see with your own eyes the whales that inhabit Niue’s warm waters. Not only that, for those who are not afraid of anything there is the chance of swimming with the whales! This is not something that you can do all over the world so we need to be more mindful about the beauties that surround us.