The World’s Most Modernized Hotels

Published on 07/06/2020

With all the boutique hotels and BnB’s that are establishing themselves, we thought a little travel inspiration would be a good idea. Staying in the top hotels can be a luxurious, extravagant, and expensive experience but in the world we are living in today, you can have a more affordable holiday with just as much luxury and a little more privacy. These hotels are amongst the most modern and simply breathtaking in the world, you will simply be packed in a minute we can guarantee!

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The World’s Most Modernized Hotels

Hotel Habita Monterrey- Mexico

This hotel from the outside looks like a massive concrete building, modern would not be the word that comes to mind. However, on the inside you are captivated by swan chairs and a monochromatic clean-lined minimalist style. The furniture is all designer and the pool silly breathtaking. With views of the city and such a clean, modern feel it is no doubt it is known for such.

The Mira- Hong Kong

The Mira is in Central Tsim She Tsui. The color scheme includes hues of silver, red, green and purple- guests are able to pick what they want depending on their mood and vibe at that specific moment. The hotel includes designer furniture, egg chairs from Arne Jacobson, and in some rooms bulky bed frames that create a very linear feel. The hotel also has a renowned 5-star spa.

The Kube Hotel- Paris

This hotel manages to combine modernity with fragility and ambiance. The hotel is well-lit throughout with LED settings that change and alter according to room or peace. However, the rooms are still fresh and classic in nature with beds that hang from the ceiling on simplistic wooden frames and textured corridor walls. The hotel also boasts a nightclub, incredible restaurant, and a wine cellar that houses over 10,000 bottles.

Yas Hotel- Abu Dhabi

Located on the Marina waters this hotel is known for having the largest LD display in the world. This one is a tad more pricey as it was ranked as one of the top hotels in the world. Two separate structures linked by a glass and steel bridge combine the hotel. The one part is built in a race circuit and the other alongside the Marina. The hotel combines speed, movement, and motion in its theme. With encapsulating chandeliers, floor-length windows and curved furniture throughout the hotel is simply modern, yes, but breathtaking.

La Monnaie Art & Spa Hotel- La Rochelle

The hotel’s rooms, corridors, and spaces are set as galleries for the owners as they are well-decorated with a modern-collection of art. The art is said to e just a small part of the owner’s art collection. The art is often changed and updated every few months giving the hotel a new feel. Surrounding the hotel is France’s biggest yacht marina. The setting is relaxing, luxurious, and rather spectacular. The hotel boasts bursts of color, combinations of lights, furniture that is unique, and a modern yet very fun feel overall. A true sight and much attention to detail has been paid.