Are You Looking For Adventure? Then These Are The Perfect Hotels For You!

Published on 05/23/2021

Are you an adventurous person? Are you searching for the perfect place to seek exciting happenings? Then continue reading and find out where around the world you can find the most adventurous hotels.

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Are You Looking For Adventure? Then These Are The Perfect Hotels For You!

Treehotel, Sweden

As the name already says, the “Treehotel” in Sweden is a place where you can literaly sleep in a tree house. The hotel is designed and built in the Harads forest. The rooms are built within the branches of the trees and designed in many different styles. No matter if out of glass or wood, all of the rooms share a wonderful view over the Harad’s forest. Besides extraordinary rooms, the “Treehotel” also offers a wonderful kitchen that mainly focuses on ingredients found in the forest. Besides the fact that you sleep in tree branches, the Swedish hotel provides you Wifi, TV, etc. in your wonderful tree rooms. The hotel offers things such as kayaking, hiking, biking, explorations of the woods and much more. And if you have enough of your adventures and want to relax a bit, you should definitely try the hotel’s hot tub and sauna.

Udang House, Indonesia

The Udang House hotel in Indonesia is one of the country’s most famous and popular hotels and famous all over the world. The “Udang House”, offers extraordinary rooms. One of the hotel’s most famous rooms is the “Glass Floor Udang”. As the name already says, the rooms floor is out of glass. The room is  build over the sea, hence you can see all the beautiful wish and the colorful sea life under your feet. This room is simply breathtaking.  The hotel itself offers several spa treatments, yoga, special dinners, Balinese blessing sessions, Jewelry factories tours, Bamboo pure factory tours and much more.

Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Are you a fan of the movies “The Lord Of The Rings” and “The Hobbit”? Then you definitely should check out the next hotel on the list. The “Hobbit Motel” is located in New Zealand and gives you the real hobbit experience. The rooms are designed just as in the movies and feature WIFI, a garden area, and much more. The motel is located in area which offers great options for hikes, bike rides, swims etc. If you are searching for a fun hotel with a lot of leisure options, then the “Hobbit Motel” might be the right one for you!

Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

The “Propeller Island City Lodge” is located in Germany and is a hotel designed by the famous architect Lars Stroschen. Some of the rooms are upside, some are purely out of mirrors and others look like padded cells. All together there are 30 rooms in the extraordinary hotel.

Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji

The “Poseidon Undersea Resort” in Fiji is just like out of a movie. The rooms are made out of safe glass. You can see the whole sea life out of your room. This is not for everyone, as you might see a shark when you are in the bathroom. The “Poseidon Undersea Resort” is the perfect hotel for every arenaline junkie and water lover.