Top 5 Pizza Places Around The Globe

Published on 08/16/2020

Pizza, the favorite food of millions, the go-to takeout choice, and one of the many traditional dishes that has managed to conquer the globe. Pizza is one thing that you can find almost anywhere, it is a dish that has been modernized, revolutionized, styled-up and dulled down. However, for all those pizza lovers out there in search of the best pie- we have got you covered. Pizza is taken so seriously in many parts of the world and in Italy, there are specific requirements needed in order to have your pizza regarded as authentic. Well, here are the top 5 pizza pies you simply have to try in this lifetime!

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Top 5 Pizza Places Around The Globe

Spacca Napoli- Illinois

In the true method of your traditional Neopolitan pizza, Specca Napoli has been continuing this authenticity for more than 10 years. This pizza spot prides themself in using the finest ingredients, of the best quality. They offer something that is not found elsewhere in Chicago and is known for the fluffiest and most perfect dough to crust texture. This spot is a must try in Chicago, and we all know Chicago has a reputation for some of the best pizza.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele- Naples

Naturally, if you are in search of the best pizza Italian places have to crack the list, and especially in the originating place of Pizza: Naples. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is a place that is raved about by all that try it, the reviews outnumber any bad experience and the hustle and bustle will show you just how in-demand the pizza is. The queues are always extremely long but the pizza is worth the waste and no customer has ever left disappointed, the finest Naples has to offer.

Emily- New York

The owners of this restaurant are a couple whose first meal was pizza in their dorm room. Since then they went on to opening two of the top pizza restaurants in New York City. The couple shared many of their memories over pizza, there love for each other and the pizza has created a sensational story. Their pizza is thin, crispy, and jam-packed with flavor. Something about knowing the backstory might just make the experience a whole lot better.

Starita- Naples

Starita has locations in Italy and New York and is an award winner when it comes to pizza. We highly recommend the Naples location as your first choice- there is just something about pizza in Italy and fresh Italian ingredients. However, if Napels is too far New York will certainly do. Patience is key as these restaurants always have a queue. We guarantee you will be leaving satisfied and glad you waited.

Pizzana- Los Angeles

In the heart of LA this place has managed to westernize and fuse Italy with La’s healthy and organic ideology. The combination of Italian ingredients with fresh local produce forms to create an unbelievable pizza. PIZZANA sources ingredients from local farmer’s markets and creates inventive and innovative pizza’s. They have managed to bring about an experience unlike any other and take the concept of pizza to something more unique.